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Interior Design &
Loose Furniture Services

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Interior Design

Seido Enterprises Ltd provides a full range of interior design services to customers in Macau, covering multiple areas such as homes, hotels, clubs, restaurants, shops and office buildings. In addition to providing design services, we also specialize in furniture maintenance and renovation, and also sell home-designed furniture and interior design drawings to our customers. In terms of design, our design team pursues unique and high-quality styles to help customers design Dream Houses one after another. You can rest assured that our team will take care of the entire process from design to decoration to move-in. In addition to the design of living spaces, we are also good at creating brand-rich office environments for corporate clients. In terms of design concept, we are committed to highlighting our customers' brand image through space creation and creating a comfortable and unique atmosphere. During the process, we will fully communicate with the customer to understand the customer's brand concept and corporate image, and propose a tailor-made design plan accordingly. We are committed to creating high-quality interior spaces for customers to meet different customer needs, helping you design your dream home or enhance your corporate brand and business development.


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Custom MadeLoose Furniture 

The benefits of incorporating loose furniture into your Home and Office design, allowing you to seamlessly adapt your space for various needs while maintaining a welcoming ambiance. Loose furniture is the secret ingredient to turning your environment into a versatile and inviting hub. Whether you're aiming to create a living room ambiance, host events, or adapt to various activities, the flexibility and adaptability of loose furniture can make your interior space more attractive and functional than ever before. Flexibility can be designed for, so plan carefully and enjoy the varied spatial configurations of loose furniture in your space.


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Hotel/ Office Building/ Club House Design & Planning

 We provides customized interior design for Hotel/ Office Building and Club House from layout replanning to construction to Macau and world wide.


Our Projects

Our team is dedicated to creating unique and high-quality styles. We work closely with our clients to design their dream houses, from the initial concept through the complete process - including the design, renovation, and move-in stages.

Our clients can feel confident entrusting us with the full end-to-end project management. 


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