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Hotel Project

This hotel project is one of our biggest project this year! We have been working really hard to provide explicit designs for all levels of the hotel. It is under construction now and is expected to be availble in the coming year! Can't wait to see our designs come to life. Stay tuned for more!

Let us take you on a design journey!

the beginning

2021 October

The beginning of our journey was a lot of meetings and discussions. From style to every piece of material that would be used throughout the entire building were discussed and accessed with professionals across the industry. 


Site visits 

2022 April

Six months into the project! Things were finally getting in place. Sample rooms were built for better understanding of the actual situation. It was really exciting to see our designs being put forward. 


In progress

2022 October

A year into our hotel project! Time passed by really quickly this year. Over the past year, we have done numerous modifications and sampling to ensure the best designs and qualities. Here are some of our recent pictures. Can't wait to unwarp this lovely project!


Coming Soon

Thank you for going through this amazing journey with us! We would continue to update our most recent work here, as well as on our social media sites. Therefore, if you haven't already did so...go follow our Facebook, Instagram, and Youtube pages!


2023 June Commerical Building has been done as well as the Hotel !

Business Center, Dining and function room, Gym Room, Linen, Retail Shop and Cafe! 


Empower Growth

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