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室內設計的3D圖絕對可以協助屋主了解裝修後的風格及完成面貌,可以有更具體及清楚的呈現出來。我們在看「3D圖」的過程中,也能感受傢俱造型及顏色,並能隨時與設計師做溝通,因為「3D圖」並非定案,所以想更改的細節設計師可以即時做調整,是一種將概念轉化為真實的過程。之後我們的PM需要配合單位的真實現場需要,所以會有施工圖透過實際的長寬高量測,才能形塑真正的空間樣貌! 2邊協助相輔相成 :)

The 3D drawing of the interior design can definitely help the homeowner understand the style and finish of the decoration, and can be presented more specifically and clearly. In the process of looking at the "3D drawing", we can also feel the shape and color of the furniture, and can communicate with the designer at any time, because the "3D drawing" is not finalized, so the designer can make adjustments in real time if we want to change the details, which is a kind of The process of turning concepts into reality. Afterwards, our PM needs to match the actual on-site needs of the unit, so there will be construction drawings through the actual measurement of length, width and height to shape the real space appearance!

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