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2023 Interior Design Trend


Arches 拱門應用於家居,商業和裝飾元素都勁有型 A renaissance architecture aesthetic now returning to interior design. Applied to architecture, furniture design and decorative elements.

Background Wall

任何人任何時候都可以做直播,擁有完美的背景牆是每個家庭必須的吧 ? A decor trend consequence from the pandemic times, having one perfect statement wall, proper for video calls, zoom or just for YouTube live show!!!

Calm Nature 大部份時間都跟最愛的家人留在家裏,物料必須是最自然舒適耐用及無毒的。 In 2023 the nature chapter trend will have a link between wellness being with organic and cozy material likee wood, cotton, clay and ceramics

Cyberpunk 打卡位 打卡位應該也不能缺少吧,無論係屋企定係店舖 ! The underground digital world applied to interior design, it’ll be mostly seem in specific decor elements with bright neon color.

Lavender & Funghi 薰衣草紫及蘑菇啡色永遠不死的70年代流行顏色及印花 !!! 這個是小編今年最最最最喜歡的哦 (所以多圖介紹 ^^),絕對要試 ! These are the tending topic ! For fashion to interior design, It’s iconic 70’s revival, and applied in shapes or prints!

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