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Wardrobes storage solution. 衣櫃存儲解決方案

Updated: Oct 11, 2022

Wardrobes storage solution. 衣櫃存儲解決方案

The essentials... 必需要具備... A combination of short and long hanging space drawers 短掛空間與長掛空間相結合 適合瑜伽套裝、 運動套裝、襪子等小件物品的抽屜 + 介於兩者之間的所有物品 袋子、盒裝鞋和折疊衣服的層板 Shelves for boxed new stuffs, sportswear and small stuffs

The extras... 額外要有的...

Compartmentalized drawers for accessories and jewellery hooks for hats and bags , a built-in or free-standing seats ottoman to create a drop zone and seat for the space 配件和配飾的分隔抽屜 帽子和包包的掛鉤 內置或獨立式座椅腳凳,為空間創建一個放置區和座椅

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